Community Power & Trust Building

Legal services, while critical to supporting individual immigrants and their families, do not change the  laws and systems that oppress immigrant communities.  This is why we work in partnership with immigrant led organizations to build trust and community power towards dismantling the root causes of migrant marginalization.

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Building Community Power

We connect immigrant families seeking legal services to local, immigrant-led organizations to engage them in advocacy and education that will outlast their individual case. 

Currently we connect community members with Aliento and Trans Queer Pueblo, but are working to expand our list of local organizations.


 Are you a local immigrant-led organization interested in partnering with us? 
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Cultivate Community Trust

Each month PLAN staff attend meetings and/or events with their chosen local immigrant-led organization(s) to develop meaningful relationships with the organization's work and members.

By embedding themselves in local immigrant-led organizations, PLAN staff give immigrants direct and regular access to culturally competent legal representatives and gain a deeper understanding of organizing and movement building skills.

PLAN's Executive Director, Rekha Nair (right) with Trans Queer Pueblo's (TQPueblo) Liberation Coordinator, Karla Bautista Chonay (left), at TQPueblo's Annual Drag for a Dream Event.