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What we do 

Democratizing Legal Knowledge

Too often legal knowledge is held only by lawyers and other legal professionals. This is true even though the community need for legal support far exceeds the number of legal professionals available.  We partner with immigrant-led organizations to ensure that legal knowledge and information grows and remains in the community.

Capacity Building

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PLAN provides regular mentoring and support to local immigrant leaders to grow their knowledge about supporting immigrants impacted by the legal system.  PLAN shares resources and co-creates materials to support the legal needs of their local immigrant community.

Legal Training

In March 2022, PLAN began its first legal training curriculum to support immigrant leaders in getting the training they need to support their communities and potentially become BIA Accredited Representatives in the future.

Library Study Group
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We partner with local attorneys and organizations to hold Spanish-English language accessible community education events on topics relevant to undocumented immigrant communities. The recording and materials from our Nov. 2021 training on COVID emergency rental assistance for immigrants can be found here

Community Education

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