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About us!

We are the only organization providing free legal representation to non-detained immigrant adults facing deportation in the Phoenix Immigration Court. We also support immigrant communities by training immigrant leaders and by connecting our clients to immigrant-led organizations, so they engage in education and advocacy beyond their legal cases.


We also tell stories that humanize the immigrant experience to challenge anti-immigrant narratives and ultimately reimagine immigrant justice.

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Our mission

PLAN promotes justice in Arizona by building community trust and power with immigrant-led organizations to advance the rights of immigrants and their families.

Our vision

We envision a community in Arizona in which all immigrants and their families feel safe, welcomed, and valued.

Our values

Our values

Centering immigrant voices

We center the voices and needs of immigrants and their families in setting priorities and advocating for change.  We recognize that our role is to listen to community and support them with legal ideas, strategies, and advice that achieve their goals rather than to lead with our own.

Holding ourselves accountable

We commit to regularly reviewing whether we are holding true to these values and encourage our clients, staff, and partners to check in with us about them.

Acknowledging systems of oppression

Layered systems of oppression impact immigrant
justice. Thus, our commitment to immigrant justice necessarily includes a commitment to racial justice, gender justice, economic justice, and social justice. 

Living our values

We live our values not only in the work we do with the community but also in our internal systems. We will ensure policies and practices promote and reflect racial and gender equity.

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